Notice of cessation of operations:
Here to announce the business closure on 3/1/2023, from the day and onwards the company will no longer do buy or sell for the clients.
The company address and the telephone number will remain unchanged until 30/4/2023, or might change depends on the circumstances.
For any further information please don’t hesitate to call Tel: 2219886

Company's Background

YING WAH SECURITIES CO. LTD. target to assist clients to meet the challenges posed by the rapidly changing stock market. To be successful in securities investment, fast and reliable trading services are essential. With many years of experience and well developed facilities, YING WAH committed to provide a satisfactory service to clients of all types. In order to help the clients maximize their potential returns for their investment in the mercurial era, a re-organization of our Company has been successfully accomplished. Our new partners have injected fund to increase the capital of YING WAH. This reinforcement will protrude YING WAH to be one of the key stockbroking institutions in this rapidly changing and competitive environment of Hong Kong.

Opening Account

You are cordially invited to sign the Master Agreement, after which transactions can be processed. No administrative charge for opening account is required.

Effective Central Clearing and Settlement

As a custodian of the central Clearing and Settlement System (CCASS), we hold your securities which are registered under the name of Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Nominees Limited. All transactions are cleared through electronic billing system to greatly simplify registration procedures and settlements. Dividends and bonus shares will also be collected by us on your behalf.

Monthly Statement

A confirmation note recording all transaction details will be issued after every transaction. Monthly statement advising all the latest stock balances will also be provided.

Investment Services

For monitoring the market closely, you are welcome to use our real-time market information facilities provided by our new office.

To further enhance your investment leverage, we also undertake special credits requests in the form of securities margins.

YING WAH offer a large variety of securities types with reasonable service charges. Our experienced staff are always ready to provide information and assistance.

Risk Disclosure Statement

Securities and futures trading involves an element of risk and their prices are subject to upward or downward adjustment.

Ying Wah Securities Co. Ltd. reserve the final decision in case of disputes. The above content may subject to change without prior notice.